Canopy Care

Service and Maintenance Recommendations

Warning: The following items need to be attended to on a regular basis. More frequent for off-road conditions. 

Failure to comply may void your warranty.

  • Lightly coat the door and window rubber assemblies with a silicon based spray during periodic cleaning
  • External plastics and rubbers can be protected with a silicon based spray
  • Check mounting points (clamps & bolts) after the first 1000Km, and 5000Km intervals thereafter
  • Check regularly that all screws and fasteners holding windows, doors and locks are tight
  • Daily checks of fasteners recommended when travelling on corrugated dirt roads
  • Replace tailgate protection tape periodically to prevent paint scuffs
  • Lubricate window hinges, lock mechanisms and key recesses regularly using quality grease
  • Remove rear/side locking mechanism inner cover to clean and lubricate moving metal joints/parts periodically
  • Gas struts are self lubricating; keep clean with a damp cloth only 
  • Wax the paintwork as required; do not use abrasive compounds
  • Do not drive with canopy liftup windows and doors, or ute lids, in the open position, or with unsecured tray sideboards
  • Do not drive with an unsecured loads 
  • Do not over tighten the base plate adjuster bolt on Flexiracks
  • Do not overload roof racks; Roof rack ratings apply to loads spread over 2 bars evenly