Flexiglass commenced in Western Australia in 1949 when Harry Robins saw the first Holden car and identified the need for a station wagon.

Harry created his first canopy using a steam bent timber frame and sheet metal panels. It was an outstanding success and he was soon making a range of designs from aluminium sheeting with side sliding windows. This innovative canopy featured laminated glass and an interior dome light.

This was just the beginning for Harry. In 1956 he designed the first ever fiberglass canopy. This canopy was years ahead of its time and featured many similarities to today’s canopies. In 1959 Harry diversified into the fiberglass boat building business and together with his two sons created the foundations of today’s Flexiglass.

Together they designed and perfected a new system of fiberglass that they called “FLEXIGLASS”. Unlike the ridged canopies of the time, it was extremely lightweight and flexible.

Throughout the 1970’s Flexiglass continued to grow and branches were opened in South Australia and Victoria. Demand rapidly grew around the country and New South Wales and Queensland branches soon followed.

"Flexiglass lays claim to creating the first fibreglass vehicle canopy way back in 1956 and has since grown to become a true powerhouse of the industry."

History overview

1949 Harry Robins pioneers the first ever ute canopy

1956 First ever fiberglass canopy designed and developed

1959 First Flexiglass branch opens to the public in WA supplying fiberglass canopies

1972 Flexiglass branches open in South Australia and Victoria

1976 Flexiglass branches open in New South Wales and Queensland

1982 Flexiglass goes international by opening branch in New Zealand

1989 Flexiglass and Challenge Canopies merged to form Flexiglass Challenge

1991 Flexiglass launch alloy ute tray range to increase product offering

2002 Flexiglass Challenge was acquired outright by Fleetwood Corporation

2017 Flexiglass launch game changing all-round central locking canopy

2018 Flexiglass Challenge was acquired outright by Aeroklas Australia, a global leader in automotive accessories

2020 New website launched featuring product customisation and quote cart functionality

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