Drawer Systems

Drawer Systems

Top Drawer

Aeroklas Ute Tub Drawer Systems are built with the same integrity and durability as every other Aeroklas product. You wouldn’t count on anything less when expecting to be in and out of them constantly throughout the workday. Key-lockable and heavy duty enough to store your tools and equipment, these two-drawer units are perfect for keeping other small items of value private when you’re holidaying.

Keep Your Cargo Organised

Top Panels and Wing Kits

Keep your dual cab’s cargo organised and accessible with a set of Aeroklas Drawers. Aeroklas Drawers are lightweight yet strong thanks to their galvanised steel chassis that’s finished with glass-filled polypropylene top panels and wing kits. They utilise a fully sealed runner system to make sure they work reliably and rattle-free time and time again – whether you’re on the job site, on the road or at camp.

Robust Storage Solution

Hard-Wearing Marine Carpet

Each system’s top panels and drawer interiors are covered in hard-wearing marine carpet too, which is met by a protective aluminium top edge for added durability. Below that are heavy-duty stainless steel latches with slam-shut functionality, which are integrated into a rugged black powder-coated fascia. Boasting a light construction, reliable functionality and a range of dual cab vehicle applications, Aeroklas Drawers are a robust storage solution for your 4x4.

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Heavy duty ute tub Drawer Systems

Heavy duty enough to store your tools for work, reliable enough to travel around Australia on a camping trip. These Aeroklas ute tub drawer systems are completely built with premium materials from top to bottom. The quick release handle system is easy to use and allows each drawer to be opened single handedly. Locks are built into the handles for extra security.