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  • FlexiSport Premium vs Aeroklas Stylish: The Best Canopy for the Next-Gen Ford Ranger

    Nov 18 2022

    The Next-Gen Ford Ranger is an incredibly versatile, powerful and formidable 4x4 ute. It’s got everything a tradesman, 4x4 enthusiast, avid camper or outback lover would need, bar one crucial thing… a safe and secure storage area. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered. If you’re after the best canopy for your Next-Gen Ford Ranger that offers safety, security, protection, convenience, style and ample storage space, then look no further than the FlexiSport Premium and Aeroklas Stylish canopies.
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    Aug 19 2022

    The National 4x4 Outdoors Show is back in Melbourne for three big days from 19th August to 21st August 2022. Spanning over the Melbourne Showgrounds, thousands of products will be on show from the industry's leading outdoor lifestyle brands and retailers.

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  • A history of Flexiglass

    Jun 28 2022

    It’s November 1948. Post-war Australia was ready to prove to the world that it had embraced the modern age. In Fishermen’s Bend, a suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, the first Holden car rolled off the assembly line. It was more than a car. It was a symbol of the country’s success.

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  • Meet Flexiglass’s partner providers

    Jun 20 2022

    Here at Flexiglass, we believe in quality. We want our customers to have the best of the best, and that’s why we have partnered with other market-leading brands to give you access to durable, innovative, and practical products.

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  • How to care for your ute canopy

    Apr 12 2022

    Our canopies are constructed from leading-quality materials and built to withstand harsh conditions. But they aren’t indestructible. Here’s how to care for your canopy and ensure years of on-road use.

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  • Aluminium vs. fibreglass ute canopies: Which is better?

    Feb 11 2022

    Here in Australia, ute canopies don’t have it easy. The weather is harsh, the terrain is challenging, and the road is unforgiving. Ute canopies carry the load of roof racks and protect your cargo, so you can’t settle for anything less than proven strength.

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  • New Alloy Ute Tray Range Released

    Nov 04 2021

    Flexiglass is thrilled to announce an all-new range of alloy ute trays. Available now, these industry-leading trays are built tough, so you can travel with more and get on with the job, whatever the road throws your way.

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  • Roller lid vs. hard lid: Which is best for your ute?

    Oct 14 2021

    So, you’ve just purchased a new ute. Congrats. Now, you need something hardwearing to protect your open back or tub from the elements and theft. The question begs: Should you get a roller lid or hard lid?

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  • Flexiglass at the forefront

    Jun 14 2021

    All the new dual cabs, same great FlexiSport Premium canopy.

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  • Ute Tray to suit 2021 Nissan Navara

    May 07 2021

    Flexiglass are pleased to announce the release of the alloy ute tray to suit the 2021 Nissan Navara. The latest range of Flexiglass alloy ute trays to suit the 2021 Nissan Navara are available for purchase now, via your local Nissan dealership or approved Flexiglass resellers nationally. Prices start from $1,799 for the dual cab model and range up to $1,999 for the single cab variant.

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