Fitting Instructions & Spare Parts

Section 1 - Canopy Fitting

1.1A - Standard Canopy Fit ISSB2

1.1B - Tray Top Canopy Fit ISSB0

1.1D - Combo Pack Canopy Fit ISSC1

1.1E - WIRE500 Wire Loom Canopy Use ISSA1

1.1F - HARNESSPATCH Remote Locking Patch Fit ISSA1

1.1G - Mercedes X-Class Canopy - Socket Conversion ISSA1

1.2A - Holden Commodore VG-VS Canopy Fit ISSB2

1.2B - Holden Commodore VU-VZ Canopy Fit ISSB2

1.2D - Holden Crewman Canopy Fit ISSB2

1.2E - Holden Rodeo RA Canopy Fit ISSA2

1.2F - Holden Commodore VE Premium Canopy Fit ISSA1

1.2G - Holden Colorado FlexiSport & WorkSmart Canopy Fit ISSA3

1.2H - Holden Colorado RG 12+ HPDCW Canopy Fit ISSA3

1.2J – Holden Colorado RG 2012 FlexiSport & Worksmart Canopy Fit ISSA7

1.2K - Holden Colorado RG 12+ CHDCXW Canopy Fit ISSA2

1.2L - Holden Colorado RG 2012 F-Trade F-Edge Canopy Fit ISSA2                                 

1.3A - Ford Falcon Pre 98 Canopy Fit ISSB2

1.3B - Ford Falcon AU-BA Canopy Fit ISSB2

1.3C - Ford Falcon FG Textured Canopy Fit ISSA2

1.3D - Ford FG Falcon FlexiSport Canopy Fit ISSA1

1.3E - Ford Ranger PK Pre Oct 2011 FlexiSport & Worksmart Canopy Fit ISSA3

1.3F - Ford Ranger PX Canopy Fit ISSB3

1.3G - Ford Ranger PX F-Xover F-Sport Worksmart Canopy Fit ISSB12

1.3H - Ford Ranger PX F-Trade F-Edge Canopy Fit ISSA5

1.3I - Ford Ranger PX 2015 HMSL cover plate Fit IssA0

1.4A - Toyota Hilux FlexiSport WorkSmart & Canopy Fit ISSA7

1.4B - Toyota Hilux 2016+ SR/SR5 FlexiTrade FlexiEdge Canopy Fit ISSA3

1.4C - Toyota Hilux 2016+ FlexiXover, FlexiSport Canopy Fit ISSA1

1.5A - Mitsubishi Triton ML Canopy Fit ISSB2

1.5B - Mitsubishi Triton FlexiSport Smooth Canopy Fit ISSA2

1.5C – Mitsubishi Triton MN FlexiSport & Worksmart Canopy Fit ISSA3

1.5D - Mitsubishi Triton MQ/MR FlexiSport, Worksmart Canopy Fit ISSA2

1.5E - Mitsubishi Triton MQ FlexiTrade, FlexiEdge Canopy Fit ISSA2 

1.6A - Nissan Navara D40 Canopy Fit ISSB2

1.6B - Nissan Navara D40 Headboard Cap Canopy Fit ISSB2

1.6C - Nissan Navara D40 FlexiSport & Worksmart Canopy Fit ISSA5

1.6D - Nissan Navara D22-3 FlexiSport & Worksmart Canopy Fit ISSA3

1.6E - Nissan Navara D22 4 FlexiSport & Worksmart Canopy Fit ISSA2

1.6F - Nissan Navara NP300 FlexiXover FlexiSport Canopy Fit ISSA

1.6G - Nissan Navara NP300 F-Trade F-Edge Canopy Fit ISSA

1-8F-Mazda BT-50-2011-Canopy-Fit ISSB3

1-8G-Mazda BT-50-2011-F-Xover F-Sport-Worksmart-Canopy-Fit-ISSB7

1.8H - Mazda BT 50 2011 F-Trade F-Edge Canopy Fit ISSA4

1.10A - Isuzu D-Max FlexiSport & Worksmart Canopy Fit ISSA2

1.10B – Isuzu D-Max 12+ FlexiSport & Worksmart Canopy Fit ISSA4

1.10C – Isuzu D-Max 12+ DC Canopy Fit ISSA1

1.10D - Isuzu D-Max 2012 F-Trade F-Edge Canopy Fit ISSA3

1.14A - VW Amarok FlexiSport & Worksmart Canopy Fit ISSA6

1.14B - VW Amarok F-Trade F-Edge Canopy Fit ISSA3

1.15A - LDV-T60-F-Sport-Canopy-Fit-ISSA1


Section 2 - Ute Lid Fitting

2.1A - Series 2 Lid Standard Fit ISSA10

2.2A - Holden Commodore VG-VS Series1 Lid Fit ISSB2

2.2B - Holden Commodore VU-VZ Series2 Lid Fit ISSB2

2.2C - Holden Commodore VU-VZ Smooth Lid Fit ISSB2

2.2D - Holden Commodore VE Smooth Lid Fit ISSA4

2.2E - Holden Crewman Smooth Lid Fit ISSB2

2.2F - HC - Holden Commodore VE-VF Lid Smooth Primed Build ISSA1

2.2G - HC - Holden Commodore VU-VY-VZ Lid Smooth Primed Build ISSA1

2.2H - HC - Holden Colorado RG 1 Piece Lid Smooth Primed Build ISSA1

2.2I - HC - Holden Colorado RG EC 1 Piece Lid Smooth Primed Build ISSA1

2.2J - HC Holden Colorado RG DC 3Piece Lid Smooth Primed ISSA2

2.3A - Ford Falcon XH Series 1 Lid Fit ISSB2

2.3B - Ford Falcon AU-BA Series 2 Lid Fit ISSB1

2.3C - Ford Falcon AU-BA Smooth Lid Fit ISSB3

2.3D - Ford Falcon FG Smooth Lid Fit ISSA1

2.3E - HC Ford Falcon FG Lid Smooth Primed Build ISSA1

2.3F - HC Ford Ranger PX DC 1 Piece Lid Smooth Primed Build ISSA1

2.3G - HC Ford Falcon AU-BA-BF Lid Smooth Primed Build ISSA1

2.3H - HC Ford Ranger PX EC 1 Piece Lid Smooth Primed Build ISSA1

2.3I - HC Ford Ranger DC 3Piece Lid Smooth Primed ISSA2

2.3J - HC Ford Ranger EC 3 Piece Lid Smooth Primed ISSA2

2.4A - HC Isuzu DMAX DC 1 Piece Lid Smooth Primed Build ISSA1

2.5A - HC Toyota HILUX DC 1 Piece Lid Smooth Primed ISSA1

2.5B - HC Toyota HILUX EC 1 Piece Lid Smooth Primed ISSA1

2.5C - HC Toyota HILUX DC 3 Piece Lid Smooth Primed ISSA1

2.5D - HC Toyota HILUX EC 3 Piece Lid Smooth Primed ISSA1

2.5E - HC Toyota HILUX DC J Deck 1 Piece Lid Smooth Primed ISSA1

2.6A - Nissan Navara D40 Smooth Lid Fit ISSA2

2.7A - Nissan Navara NP300 1 Piece Smooth Primed Lid Fit ISSA2

Section 3 - Tray Fitting

3.0A - Ford PX Ranger Single Cab FLA Tray Fit ISSA4

3.0B - Ford PX Ranger Super Cab FLA Tray Fit ISSA3

3.0C - Ford PX Ranger Dual Cab FLA Tray Fit ISSA3

3.1B - License Plate Fit ISSA4

3.1D - Ladder Rack Positioning ISSB1

3.1E - Tray Fitting Guidelines for New Models ISSA4

3.1F - FlexiWork General Wiring Instruction ISSB3

3.1G- DC Front Mudguard Bend Modification ISSA0 

3.2A - Holden Colorado SC Tray Fit ISSA2

3.2B - Holden Colorado EC Tray Fit ISSA1

3.2C - Holden Colorado DC Tray Fit ISSA4

3.2D - Holden Colorado LPG SC Tray Fit ISSA2

3.2E - Holden Colorado RG SC Fit ISSA3

3-2F - Holden Colorado RG EC Tray Fit ISSA2

3.2G - Holden Colorado RG DC Tray Fit ISSA2

3.3A - Ford Falcon FG Tray Fit ISSA2

3.3B - Ford Ranger PK SC Tray Fit ISSA3

3.3C - Ford Ranger PK EC Tray Fit ISSA4

3.3D - Ford Ranger PK DC Tray Fit ISSA5

3.3E - Ford Ranger PX SC 2011 Tray Fit ISSA11

3.3F - Ford Ranger PX EC  2011 Tray Fit ISSA9

3.3G - Ford Ranger PX DC 2011 Tray Fit ISSA8

3.3H - Ford Ranger PX Dual Cab SBA Tray Branch Flat Pack Supply Process ISSA2

3.3J - Ford Ranger PX Super Cab SBA Tray Branch Flat Pack Supply Process ISSA2

3.3K - Ford Ranger PX Single Cab SBA Tray Branch Flat Pack Supply Process ISSA2

3.3L - Ford Ranger WBR 2011 Tray Fit ISSA2

3.4A - Toyota Hilux +05 SC Tray Fit ISSA1

3.4C - Toyota Hilux +05 DC Tray Fit ISSA1

3.4D - Toyota Landcruiser SC J79 Tray Fit ISSA1

3.4F - Toyota Hilux 2016+ SC Tray Fit ISSA1

3.4G - Toyota Hilux 2016+ DC Tray Fit ISSA1

3.5A - Mitsubishi Triton ML & MN SC Tray Fit ISSA6

3.5B - Mitsubishi Triton ML & MN +06 DC Tray Fit ISSA5

3.5C - Mitsubishi Triton ML DC Tub Removal ISSA0

3.5D - Mitsubishi Triton MQ & MR DC Tray Fit ISSA0

3.5E - Mitsubishi Triton MQ & MR SC Tray Fit ISSA0 

3.5F - Mitsubishi Triton MQ & MR EC Tray Fit ISSA0  

3.6A - Nissan Navara D22 SC Tray Fit ISSA1

3.6B - Nissan Navara D40 DC Tray Fit ISSA3

3.6C - Nissan Navara D40 SC Tray Fit ISSA1

3.6D - Nissan Navara D40 EC Tray Fit ISSA1

3.6E - Nissan Navara D22 Srs4 DC Tray Fit ISSA1

3.6F - Nissan Navara NP300 DC Tray Fit ISSA1

3.6G - Nissan Navara NP300 SC Tray Fit ISSA3

3.8A - Mazda BT-50 SC Tray Fit ISSA2

3.8B - Mazda BT-50 DC Tray Fit ISSA4

3.8C - Mazda BT-50 EC Tray Fit ISSA3

3.8D - Mazda BT-50 SC 2011 Tray Fit ISSA4

3.8E - Mazda BT-50 EC 2011 Tray Fit ISSA4

3.8F - Mazda BT-50 DC 2011 Tray Fit ISSA4

3.8G - Mazda BT-50 EC WBR 2011 Fit ISSA2

3.9A - GMW V240 SC Tray Fit ISSA1

3.9B - GWM V240 DC Tray Fit ISSA4

3.10A - Isuzu D-Max SC Tray Fit ISSA1

3.10B - Isuzu D-Max EC Tray Fit ISSA1

3.10C - Isuzu D-Max DC Tray Fit ISSA1

3.10D - Isuzu D-Max 2012+ SC Tray Fit ISSA0

3.10E - Isuzu D-Max 2012+ EC Tray Fit ISSA0

3.10F - Isuzu D-Max 2012+ DC Tray Fit ISSA0

3.11A - Mahindra SC Tray Fit ISSA3

3.12A - Ssanyong Actyon Tray Fit ISSA2

3.13A – Grand Tiger SC Tray Fit ISSA0

Section 5 - Accessories

5.0B - WorkEzy Security Mesh Fit ISSA0

5.0C - Fitting a FlexiRack to a WorkEzy ISSA0

5.0D – MSHSEC4512 Drop Down Window Mesh Fit ISSA0 

5.0E - Flexisport Rhino track mount system - ISSA0

5.0F - Rhino rack assembly for track mount system - ISSA0

5.0G - Rhino Track Mount System fit to WorkSmart - ISSA0

5.0H - Tradesman Oval Rack fitment to Flexisport & FG Smooth

5.0I - KIT127 Flexirack to FlexiXover fit-ISSA0

5.0J - FlexiXover Security mesh fit ISSA2

5.0K - FlexiXover Sports bars fit-ISSA0

5.0L - FlexiXover Rhino Track Mount System

5.0M - Kit127 Flexirack to Flexisport

5.0N - KIT127 Flexirack to FlexiTrade Fit ISSA1

5.0P - FlexiTrade Rhino Track Mount System ISSA0

5.0Q - FlexiTrade Security mesh fit ISSA1

5.0R - FlexiEdge Security mesh fit-ISS0

5.1A - Toowoomba Plastics Water Carrier to Tuff Tray Fit ISSA0

5.1B - KIT300 FlexiRack Over Cab Extension Assembly ISSB1

5.1C - Fitting a FlexiRack to a Canopy ISSB0

5.1E – PLT610 Cover Plate Fit ISSA0

5.1F – KIT140 Side Step to Tray Fit ISSA0

5.1G - Fitting-a-pressure-vent ISSA1

5.1H - Fitting FS-FX pressure vent_ISSA1

5.2A - Flexiglass Badge Application Manual ISSA1

5.2B - LDV Badge Application Manual ISSA1

5.2C - TJM Badge Appliction Maual ISSA1

5.2D - Rear Ladder Rack Tray Fit ISSA1

5.2E - Side Steps Tray Fit ISSA1

5.2F - Tail Light Protector Kit Left&Right Tray Fit ISSA1

5.2G - Tonneau Cover Single CAB Tray Fit ISSA1 

5.2H - Tonneau Cover Single CAB Ladder Rack Tray Fit ISSA1 

5.2I - Tonneau Cover Super CAB Tray Fit ISSA1

5.2J - Tonneau Cover Super CAB Ladder Rack Tray Fit ISSA1

5.2K - Tonneau Cover Double CAB Tray Fit ISSA1

5.2L - Tonneau Cover Double CAB Ladder Rack Tray Fit ISSA1 

5.2M - Tool Drawer Single Tray Fit ISSA1 

5.2N - Tool Drawer Single&Double Tray Fit ISSA1 

5.2P - Under Tray Tool Box LHS Tray Fit ISSA1

5.2Q - Under Tray Tool Box RHS Tray Fit ISSA1

5.2R - Water Tank Tray Fit ISSA1

5.2S - Floor Mat Single CAB Tray Fit ISSA1

5.2T - Floor Mat Super CAB Tray Fit ISSA1 

5.2U - Floor Mat Double CAB Tray Fit ISSA1 

Section 0 - Fitting Manual

0.0B - Fitting Manual cover ISSA2

Section 1 - Canopy Build

1.0A - Canopy Parts and Accessories Holden Commodore ISSA1

1.0B - Canopy Parts and Accessories Holden Rodeo ISSA1

1.0C - Canopy Parts and Accessories Ford Mazda ISSA2

1.0D - Canopy Parts and Accessories Ford Falcon ISSA1

1.0E - Canopy Parts and Accessories Toyota Hilux ISSA2

1.0F - Canopy Parts and Accessories Mitsubishi Triton ISSA1

1.0G - Canopy Parts and Accessories Nissan Navara ISSA1

1.0H - Canopy Parts and Accessories Large 4WD ISSA1

1.0I - Canopy Parts and Accessories Tray Top ISSA1

1.0J - WorkEzy Door Locks ISSB0

1.1A - Standard Canopy Build (OLD) ISSA5

1.1B - Generic Vehicle Measuring for Canopy ISSA1

1.1C - Canopy Build From Measurements ISSA3

1.1D - Canopy Trimming Instructions ISSA4

1.1E - Standard Adhesive Base Rail Build ISSA9

1.1H - HPLWBW Canopy Build Notes ISSB1

1.1J - Dust Deflector Attachment ISSB3

1.1K - WorkEzy Canopy Build ISSB6

1-1L - Combo Canopy Build ISSA5

1.2A - Holden Commodore VS Canopy Build ISSA3

1.2B - Holden Commodore VU Canopy Build ISSA7

1.2D - Holden Commodore VE Premier Canopy Build ISSA2

1-2E Holden RG Colorado Canopy Build ISSA0

1.2F – Holden Colorado RG XW Canopy Build Differences ISSA0

1.3A - Ford Falcon XH Canopy Build ISSA4

1.3B - Ford Falcon AU Canopy Build ISSA8

1.3C - Ford Ranger PX Canopy Build ISSA2

1.5A - Mitsubishi Triton ML Canopy Build ISSB2

1.5B - Mitsubishi Triton ML Build Set Up ISSB1 

1.5C - Mitsubishi Triton MN Rear Corner Modifications ISSA0

1.6A - Nissan Navara D40 Build Notes ISSB2

1.6B - Nissan Navara D40 HPDCW Trim ISSA2

1.7A - Suzuki Canopy Build ISSA2

1.8A - Flexisport Canopy Disassembly & Reassembly - ISSA0

1.8B - FlexiXover Disassembly & Reassembly ISSA0

Slava Yurthev Copyright