Bocar Cargo Net Single Cab


Constructed with waterproof fabric to keep your load dry and away from the elements, Bocar Cargo Nets come with built-in tie-down points so you don’t need to use multiple ratchet straps or ropes to keep everything in place. With a good quality Cargo Net, each tie-down point should also be able to withstand 167kgf.



  • 1 x Cargo Net
  • 6 x Cam Buckle Tie Down Strap
  • 1 x Storage Bag

Included Features

  • 38mm PP webbing with triple layer edge construction
  • PVC mesh covering entire net to keep your load contained. Low maintenance, longevity, and high-strength.
  • Waterproof reinforced PVC fabric centre section keeping your load dry & away from the elements (435CARNETSC: 2150mm x 1760mm, 435CARNETDC: 1620mm x 1620mm)
  • Multiple tie down options with 26 x eyelets(Single cab)/24 x eyelets(Double cab) & 8 x d-ring anchor points
  • Each tie down point has been tested & can safely handle 167kgf per tie down point & when used in conjunction with the supplied 6 x Tie Down Straps. The TJM Cargo Net can withstand a combined total 1000kgf when the load is evenly distributed.


  • Cargo Net
    • Overall Dimensions:
      • 435CARNETSC: 3035mm x 2635mm
      • 435CARNETDC: 2435mm x 2435mm
    • PVC Dimensions:
      • 435CARNETSC: 2150mm x 1760mm
      • 435CARNETDC: 1620mm x 1620mm
    • 38mm PP Webbing
    • 350GSM, 11 x 11mm PVC Mesh
    • 500GSM Reinforced PVC fabric
    • 8 x D-Ring Anchor Points
      • 435CARNETSC: 26 x Tie Down Eyelets
      • 435CARNETDC: 24 x Tie Down Eyelets
  • Tie Down Strap
    • 38mm PP Webbing
    • Steel Cam Buckle (WLL600KG)
    • Carabiner & S Hook (WLL600KG)
  • Carry Bag
    • Size: 440mm (L) x 410mm (H) x 185mm (D)
    • Material: Polyester


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