FlexiSport Premium vs Aeroklas Stylish: The Best Canopy for the Next-Gen Ford Ranger


The Next-Gen Ford Ranger is an incredibly versatile, powerful and formidable 4x4 ute. It’s got everything a tradesman, 4x4 enthusiast, avid camper or outback lover would need, bar one crucial thing… a safe and secure storage area.

Now, while the Ranger’s tray has been upgraded from previous models, with a wider track providing more room between the wheel arches and enough space to load a standard sized ‘Euro’ pallet (1,200 mm x 800 mm) in the bed, it’s still considered an open space that’s subject to the elements, and vulnerable to potential damage or theft.

It might be great for stashing tools (big and small), carrying timber (when it’s not raining) and even your four-legged mate, but when it comes to valuable power tools, camping gear, fishing equipment and anything else that might entice not-so-friendly passerby individuals, it’s not worth the risk of throwing it in the back and hoping for the best.

An easy fix to combat this problem, is to install a lockable canopy to your Next-Gen Ford Ranger.

However, with an abundance of canopies in the market, it’s easy to get overwhelmed or misguided by the hyperbole and choose the wrong canopy for your Ranger and lifestyle.

Fortunately, we’ve got you covered.

If you’re after the best canopy for your Next-Gen Ford Ranger that offers safety, security, protection, convenience, style and ample storage space, then look no further than the FlexiSport Premium and Aeroklas Stylish canopies.

Let’s dive right in and explore these two amazing, convenient, feature-heavy canopies so you can see which one is right fit for you and your Ranger.


FlexiSport Premium Canopy


The FlexiSport Canopy effortlessly takes you from the worksite to the great outdoors.

Much like other Flexiglass products, the FlexiSport Premium canopy is constructed from tried and true fibreglass, making for a seriously tough canopy that’s built for whatever game you’re in.

Finished in smooth colour-coded paint to match your Ford Ranger, it also comes pre-equipped with UV repelling tinted windows, along with a premium feel felt-lined interior that could easily be mistaken as part of the original vehicle build itself. 

As for features? The FlexiSport Premium has got them in spades.

The minute your canopy has been installed you’ll be met with features like a rear spoiler LED brake light, interior LED light with on/off/door functions, roof rack attachments for FlexiRacks or Rhino Racks, and remote central locking for the rear window, while the drop-down front window makes cleaning the cab a breeze.

If added convenience and security are more your cup of tea, the FlexiSport Premium canopy comes with a push button opening mechanism, discreetly tucked away, to easily open the side windows without having to worry about finding your key every time.

The premium canopy also features remote central locking across all windows, so you can rest easy knowing your valuables are safe and sound in the back.

The FlexiSport Premium can also be upgraded further with optional accessories such as pop-up pressure or rotary air vents, overcab extensions, security mesh and more.


Aeroklas Stylish Canopy


From its sleek roof profile that perfectly matches your Ford Ranger’s lines to the attractive textured finish featuring no external wiring or bracketry, the Aeroklas Stylish is a canopy that turns heads for all the right reasons.

And it’s all thanks to the unique design and world-first engineering that’s become the envy of the entire canopy market.

With twice the strength and durability than a single skinned canopy, the Aeroklas Stylish canopy features Aeroklas’ innovative Twin Skin, an inner and outer shell of ABS that are perfectly moulded and thermoformed together, to create a high-quality OEM premium finish complete with no joins or weak areas.

The Aeroklas Stylish also has an outstanding ability to reshape after impact and has even been pendulum-tested up to 250kgs, resulting in an impressive intact shell without any cracks, solidifying its impeccable impact resistance – something other canopies in its class, including the FlexiSport Premium, struggle to do.

However, despite its incredibly tough exterior, the Aeroklas Stylish canopy is surprisingly light, weighing just 82 kg. This is welcome news for tradies or 4x4 enthusiasts worried about exceeding their GVM or payload limits.

The Aeroklas Stylish canopy is also robotically painted to OEM standards and passes all OEM testing requirements for paint finishes, giving your Ford Ranger the next-gen look it deserves up top, which is further complemented by tinted and tempered glass windows.

Lastly, features… and the Aeroklas Stylish doesn’t disappoint.

Equipped with full central locking capabilities for impeccable security and convenience, the Aeroklas Stylish comes with larger side and rear windows, all with lift-up functionality, to easily load or unload bigger items from any side of the cab, and a drop-down front window for effortless cab cleaning.

The rear and side windows also feature discreet push button access (as opposed to common & potentially theft enticing handles) to easily access your unlocked cab when you need to.

Throw in an internal LED light for great visibility, roof rack attachments (with a 100 kg roof load rating), and an unbeatable, market leading 4-year warranty, and you’ve got the toughest, strongest, most reliable, impact resistant and feature packed canopy on the market that’s purpose-built for your Next-Gen Ford Ranger.


Published at: 18-11-2022