Roller lid vs. hard lid: Which is best for your ute?

So, you’ve just purchased a new ute. Congrats. Now, you need something hardwearing to protect your open back or tub from the elements and theft. The question begs: Should you get a roller lid or hard lid? Let’s weigh up the pros and cons of roller covers and hard ute lids.

Ute roller lids

Ute roller lid

Roller lids are nothing new, but their practicality, usability, and relatively affordable price make them a popular choice among ute owners. Not only do they protect your load against the scorching sun, torrential rain, and sneaky thieves, but they offer a sleek and modern after-market look that’s hard to resist. Let’s break it down.

  • Do roller lids offer enough storage? This depends. Obviously, roller lids aren’t going to give you the same amount of storage as a canopy, but when compared to hard lids, their impact on your tub’s capacity is more or less the same.
  • Are roller lids secure? If you purchase an industry-leading roller lid (like the rust-proof Aeroklas Roller Cover), it will provide ample protection. If you opt for a lower-quality product, your lid could be prone to knife attacks.
  • Are roller lids weather-proof? This one’s a biggie. Some roller lids sag, giving them the tendency to gather pooling water after a rainfall, resulting in water damage and mould. The Aeroklas Roller Cover was engineered to combat this issue.
  • Are roller lids easy to use? This is a huge plus for roller covers. When retracted, you have complete, unencumbered access to your gear.

Roller lids are perfect if you need full access to your tools, camping goods, or whatever else you store. They’re also ideal if you don’t need additional storage on top of your ute’s tray.

Hard ute covers

Hard ute tub cover

Blending seamlessly into the lines and curves of your vehicle, Hard ute covers offer a truly sophisticated storage protection solution. In fact, many feel a hard lid ‘completes’ the look of the modern ute – if style is important to you, our tried-and-true FlexiLid is a fantastic option. Let’s jump into the details.

  • Do hard lids offer enough storage? If you just don’t need the storage of a canopy, hard lids are the next best thing. With the right accessories, you can mount bikes and other sports gear on top of your lid.
  • Are hard lids secure? Hard lids have the upper hand when it comes to storage. Ours are crafted from fibreglass, making them near impossible to penetrate without adding weight.
  • Are hard lids weather-proof? Hard ute lids are extremely weather-proof – just be sure to look for stainless steel hardware to minimise the risk of water damage.
  • Are hard lids easy to use? For the most part, yes. However, some hard lids are extremely heavy, making them difficult to open. Avoid this issue by opting for a fibreglass lid.

Hard ute covers are perfect if you adore how they look and want the extra peace of mind that comes with a solid layer of protection.

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Published at: 14-10-2021